Miss Gracie is by far the happiest Tibetan Terrier I have ever known. She loves life to the fullest . . . and absolutely adores Travis Brock (her dad’s owner and now her co-owner) who brings out the very best of her in the show ring. Gracie is one very special little girl who has stolen my heart.


check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we just got back from the vet’s office where gracie had her pre-delivery x-ray. click on this link and you can see it!

2016 gracie & ruben

for the next 3 months i will be posting daily directly to gracie & ruben’s blog. hope you visit it and enjoy the babies as they grow.

1-1/2 weeks to go . . .

gracie seems very calm . . . i’m just so excited! tomorrow she has a vet appointment at 1 p.m. for her pre-delivery x-ray to see just how many babies are in there.

relaxing in the kitchen


in a little over a week gracie is going to be sooooooo busy taking care of her babies. i hope she appreciates this calm before the storm.

she’s pregnant !!!!!!

we went to the vet’s office and the vet said she definitely felt 4 fetuses – as a general rule that means 7-9 puppies who will be due the end of september!!!! i just started gracie & ruben’s litter blog: 2016 gracie & ruben

the first posting introduces gracie and ruben. the next post will be in about 3 weeks when she goes in for her pre-delivery x-ray. such an exciting post – you will be able to count the heads and spines of the babies in her uterus!

7-9 puppies – WOW – way to go ruben !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gracie loves ruben

gracie is now back home after a week visiting ruben in rhode island. she finally started her heat and hopefully as a result of her ‘sleepover’ at ruben’s house we will have puppies in the middle of september! such beautiful tibetans – they should make absolutely gorgeous babies.


no rest for the wreary

apparently fully recovered from the hectic time at the national dog show, it was up early and off to the town’s combined rabies vaccination clinic and kennel registration with the help of mitchell who managed molly while i had charge of gracie – who wouldn’t walk along side of me (don’t know how travis gets her to behave like a lady in the ring!)

we had a fun ride there in my little prius with everyone in the back seat. fortunately we only had to drive about 4 minutes to get to town hall.






first order of business – rabies vaccine. gracie tried to hide when dr. holman gave her the shot.


then we went to get our kennel license. gracie, being gracie, had to inspect assistant town clerk, laurie’s paperwork!


everything taken care of molly and gracie and everyone else went to play in their ‘play yards’.

tibetan terrier club of america national specialty

118 tibetan terriers from all over the country got together today in bear, delaware for a dog show. travis brought george, cooper (gracie’s father), his new puppy doris (gracie’s half sister) and . . . gracie! gracie made the cut, but didn’t place – but of all of the tt’s there, to make the cut is a real honor. a good friend, michael mcloughlin was standing ring-side and said that gracie looked great and that travis showed her to perfection! here are some pictures that mike took.

akc judge mr. joseph gregory walks over to look at gracie . . .


who then does an ‘out and back’ to show off her beautiful movement . . .











gracie standing at ‘attention’with a perfect ‘stack’ in front of judge gregory while he gives her a final look before she goes around the ring all by herself . . . gracie gives the judge a final look before she takes off.











travis and gracie at the very end when the judge makes his final pick.


silly judge, just don’t know how he didn’t give gracie best of breed – but must have been very hard picking just one out of all those truly beautiful tt’s. gracie so loves going to the shows and being with travis, just look at her concentration. hard to believe that this is the same little girl who lives here and practices ‘selective hearing’.

hope travis, gracie and the other three tt’s get a good night’s sleep (they all deserve it after such a busy day) . . . another show tomorrow in wilmington, delaware – only 75 tt’s entered this time for the mid-atlantic tibetan terrier club regional specialty! fingers crossed.