gamine goodnight gracie started her show career off with a really big bang!

akc started a new class for beginner puppies 4 to 6 months old. the wins don’t count toward an akc championship (that starts at 6 months), but it serves as a really nice introduction to dog shows for the puppies. gracie had just turned 4 months old and travis brock (the owner of gracie’s father) wanted to show his cooper’s little girl in the new class . . unfortunately ring call was at 9:00 AM . . . fortunately my car knows the way to the bige/eastern states exposition center.

DSC_0025 DSC_0027

travis first put her up on his grooming table so she could look around and get comfortable at the site.

riz-li’s (gracie’s littermate) connie and traci came by the show to wish gracie well.


up on the table, akc judge dr. doeg goes over gracie . . .

and then gracie gets to do an ‘out and back’ for the judge.

gracie gets a ribbon for being ‘best of breed’. there were no other tibetan terrier puppies entered, but this gives her the chance to compete at the group level.


here she and travis are in the ring with other puppies from the ‘non-sporting group’

now, this is the gracie i know and love!

surprise, gracie wins a group 1 ! now she gets to compete against the winners of the 6 other groups for best beginner puppy in show.


standing in line waiting to start to strut her stuff . . .

standing at attention (sort of) for the judge’s final look before he makes his choice for best beginner puppy

SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC_0046DSC_0048the judge walks over to travis (who did an absolutely superb job with gracie) and hands him the ribbon for

BEST BEGINNER PUPPY IN SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

note gracie on the other side of the judge, jumping up on him and trying to say thank you!

gracie was pretty proud of herself  and had to get a closer look at her ribbons.

i, on the other hand, was totally in awe of travis and gracie. hopefully, this is the start of a really great show career.


2014-04-18 BIS PUPPYakc judge dr. kenneth doeg, travis brock and . . . gracie!

all in all, gracie had a fun day. she totally loves travis and was busy saying hello to everyone, dogs and people alike. she had a great time at the show and enjoyed every minute.

now she is taking a well deserved nap and as soon as i post this, i plan on joining her. 9:00 is just too early.


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