after 3 days off, gracie and travis went to the eastern states exposition center for another 5 days of shows.

july 1st: naugatuck valley k.c.

i wasn’t able to attend this show, sometimes life just gets in the way. it was only gracie and the male special in the ring as the 3 class bitches were all waiting for majors. gracie took BEST OF OPPOSITE, but because the other girls were not there, there were no points under akc judge peter green. travis said that gracie was happy to be in the ring again and had a great time.

july 2nd: holyoke k.c.

this time 2 of the girls dropped out again, but there was one class bitch and one bitch special – so that when gracie went BEST OF OPPOSITE again, this time under akc judge donna buxton, she got a point toward her grand championship.

DSCF0755professional handler, cliff steele, and travis stand in line waiting for their turns on the table.


then it was akc judge donna buxton’s time to examine gracie. travis does such a great job presenting my little girl.


july 3rd: kenlworth k.c. of connecticut

one of the class girls entered today got caught in traffic, but the major held so everyone else was there. there also was another girl competing for best of breed under akc judge norman patton. gracie got SELECT for 3 more points!

DSCF0763DSCF0764travis and gracie go into the ring as akc judge norman patton hands caryl crouse and ‘sophie’ her ribbon for winners’ bitch.

after earning her SELECT and getting her third major toward her grand championship, she gets a big hug from travis. i love each of their expressions, travis looks so very happy, gracie looks like she is so proud of herself- i think she knows she did good!

 july 4th: farmington valley k.c.

what a way to celebrate the 4th of july – gracie and travis got BEST OF BREED !!!!!! and 5 more points under akc judge kenneth buxton! absolutely amazing performance by the two of them.

DSCF0782gracie looks so good on the out and back – both she and travis look so happy.

DSCF0784DSCF0783then akc judge kenneth buxton walked over to gracie and travis and pronounced them BEST OF BREED!!!! that’s dennis gunsher standing next to travis with his best of winners’ dog (and new akc champion!) and next them is kevin mackenzie’s best of opposite dog, trip.


outside the ring, travis and gracie congratulate caryl crouse and ‘sophie’ on their win and her 4 point major today – and caryl congratulated travis and gracie on their 5 point major!

then it was off to pose for the official show picture, travis sets gracie up for the camera.


travis put gracie in her crate for a nap before she has to go back into the group ring.

gracie had other ideas.


then later it was on to the group ring. gracie and travis showed extremely well. even though she did not get a group placement, i was so very proud to see her in the ring with all of the really beautiful dogs in the non-sporting group.

gracie peeked through the ring’s gate to say hello to me,



then it was back to business as travis stacks gracie for the judge when she looks at all of the dogs.


travis sets gracie up for akc judge doris cozart.

then the judge goes over gracie.

gracie’s ‘out and back’ was a beautiful thing to watch. she and travis look so great and they move together so well. but, oh, the other dogs in the group were just soooooo gorgeous.

july 5th: naugatuck valley k.c.

one very tired gracie (today was the last of 8 shows in a period of 11 days) and one very tired travis (who not only showed gracie in those 8 shows, also had to work last night) still were able to go around the ring – he said gracie really perked up when she stepped into the ring for akc judge beverly capstick. i didn’t go as much as i wanted to . . . ring call was 9:15 sharp – just a tad too early for me. gracie did well and was awarded SELECT . . . for another 3 points!

absolutely amazing. in two sets of shows, for her grand championship, gracie has all 3 of the required 3 majors, won over 3 specials in the required 3 separate shows and now has a total of 19 of the required 25 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a credit gracie is to dennis gunsher (the breeder of her father, cooper) and especially to travis who just continues to make the dog shows fun for my little girl. i just can’t thank everyone enough!

meanwhile, back home for a long rest before her next set of shows back at eastern states in the middle of august, gracie took advantage of the peace and quiet of blandford and immediately went into her crate for an extended nap. so much excitement for this sweet little girl.


once again, thank you so very much travis . . . for everything!

2 hours later, gracie is still asleep. way too much excitement for me too . . . was going to mow some of my fields . . . think i will join gracie and take a nap . . . .


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