spa day at travis’ house today. on his way to his mother’s house to drop off his boy george for a trip to obedience class, travis stopped by to pick up gracie.



gracie absolutely loves all of the attention. she is always so happy to see travis . . .




before being put in the crate on the middle seat, gracie had to jump up and say hi to george.

and then it was off for a day of indulgence (a shampoo and ‘pet’icure) and a chance to run and play in travis’ yard with his two whippets.

my funny, silly little girl is appropriately named for gracie allen, whose stock comedic line was ‘goodnight gracie’ to her husband, george burns, when he said, ‘say goodnight, gracie’ at the end of their 50’s tv show, burns and allen. how appropriate that travis’ tt is named george.


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