the southern new england summer classic and a new AKC GRAND CHAMPION !!!!!

wednesday, 08-19-15: elm city kennel club under akc judge dr. anthony d. dinardo

first day of four. travis and gracie first stand while judge dinardo checks off the exhibitors in the ring, then travis sets gracie up on the table and judge dinardo examines her.


DSCF0878then at the end the dogs all line up for judge dinardo to make his final selection. these are only 3 of the dogs in contention.


best of breed for the day went to the black/white dog to the left of gracie and BEST OF OPPOSITE WENT TO GRACIE!!!! gracie and travis got 2 more points toward her grand championship title . . . only 4 more points to go!

then back to travis’ set-up for a quick rest. going clockwise, starting with the top left: gracie, molly, george and darcy (travis’ beautiful whippet girl). after the brief rest, they all loaded up into travis’ car and off they went to dr. anne huntington’s office to artificially inseminate molly – george is going to be the proud father of molly’s puppies (hopefully) in the middle of october! molly and george have another appointment with dr. huntington on friday . . . busy, busy week for travis and through it all he had to go to work. don’t know how he managed it all.



thursday, august 20, 2015: newtown kennel club under akc judge dorothy b. taylor

judge taylor examines gracie on the table.


after the out and back and going around the ring for the judge, travis sets gracie up for the judge’s final look.


a beautiful line-up of all of the dogs – i could never be a judge!

alas, no points today for gracie. fingers were crossed for the friday show.


friday, august 21, 2015: northwestern connecticut dog club under akc judge sharon r. lyons

gracie gets some last minute primping from travis when they first enter the ring.


judge lyons examines gracie on the table and travis does the ‘out and back’ for the judge to show off gracie’s front and back movement.


gracie was given a ribbon for ‘select’ . . . and got her final 4 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSCF0908DSCF0909here travis and gracie pose with judge lyons for her official


show picture.

absolutely amazing gracie! she met all of the requirements for her akc grand champion title (25 points, wins over champion dogs in 3 separate shows and 3 majors) in only 10 shows!!!! travis is truly amazing! and gracie loves travis and being in the show ring with him so much – she’s amazing too!


saturday, august 22, 2015: newtown kennel club under akc judge michael forte

travis and gracie line up for her final show in this cluster.


i think gracie knew she had gotten her new title and was ready to come back home. sometimes at a dog show, ‘s–t happens’. she took care of ‘business’ in the ring and travis had to clean it all up. then up on the table he checks to make sure that when judge forte examines her he doesn’t get his hands dirty.


aaaaaaah gracie, never a dull moment! needless to say, no ribbons or points today. but what an absolutely fantastic week! gamine tibetan terriers now has a brand new AKC GRAND CHAMPION!!!

i can’t thank travis enough for presenting gracie and doing it with such grace (not to be redundant) and elegance. they make a fantastic team in the ring. travis says he has so much fun showing gracie that he wants to keep showing her . . . and he will be showing her from now on as her co-owner! the akc paperwork for this was dropped off at the local post office on the way home.

thank you, thank you, thank you travis!


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