a busy week for our amazing gracie.

first she went to travis’ house on wednesday for her pre-show grooming.

on thursday, it was off to new jersey for the non-sporting group club of the garden state dog show. under akc judge cindy stansell gracie earned 4 points toward her grand champion bronze by going ‘select’.

friday and saturday it was back to travis’ house for a little rest and relaxation.

sunday, once again, travis and gracie went back to new jersey for the westchester kennel club dog show, where under akc judge sari brewster tietjen, gracie was again awarded ‘select’ for another 2 points.

monday she was back home again . . . but no rest this time. it was off to the annual labor day weekend blandford fair with my son, frank, and his girlfriend, delmi. we skipped watching the demolition derby this year and just walked around the fair. but every now and then we took a break.

this is delmi with gracie sitting by the largest pumpkin at the fair.
DSCF0931lots of food at the fair, here frank and delmi stop for a deep fried twinkie.

DSCF0933several local ladies were giving a demonstration on spinning. gracie went up and said hello to pamela.

DSCF0932there were a lot of rides for the children. gracie wanted to check out the kiddie train and said hello to jesus, the conductor, who drives the ‘train’ around the fair grounds.

DSCF0934we visited the president’s building where local vendors displayed their wares. dave (a local farmer) and his daughter, kate, came out from behind the shelves of maple syrup products to say hello to gracie.

DSCF0935gracie met a new friend, nubia, who was keeping her ‘mom’ company behind her display.

DSCF0936before leaving the building i stopped by alex’s set-up and ordered a pencil sketch and a caricature of gracie. alex lives in blandford and will give me a call when they are ready – will add them to this post when i receive them.

next stop – the rest rooms.

DSCF0937on the way out, gracie went to say ‘hi’ to pam and her friends. they were very impressed with our sweet little girl.

DSCF0938frank, delmi and gracie take another brief rest.

DSCF0939then it was my turn!

DSCF0940back home again, gracie gets a moment to just do nothing while hiding out under the counter in the kitchen. all of the activity and excitement this past week, she has to be one very tired little girl!



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