playing catch-up

so much going on here what with puppies and holidays and . . . finally have a few moments!

from our trip to the blandford fair last labor day, here are alex’s caricatures of miss gracie – note the scrunchie on top of her head so she could see!





i think he really captured gracie’s joy and happiness.

with everything else going on, gracie wasn’t able to go to a lot of shows – but she did really, really well at the shows she was able to compete in, racking up more ‘best of breed’ awards with travis.

2015-06-25 gracie bob0001



june 25, 2015/wampanoag kennel club





2015-07-04 gracie0001



july 4, 2015/farmington valley kennel club





2015-11-12 gracie0001



november 12, 2015/penn treaty kennel club





for now, gracie is semi-retired from the dog shows, although she still gets to have her ‘spa days’ with travis and is looking absolutely fabulous! i am checking her every day so i will be sure to catch when she starts her heat . . . and then she will be bred with gail’s ‘ruben’, a sweet black/white male . . . and then (fingers crossed) . . . puppies!



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