tibetan terrier club of america national specialty

118 tibetan terriers from all over the country got together today in bear, delaware for a dog show. travis brought george, cooper (gracie’s father), his new puppy doris (gracie’s half sister) and . . . gracie! gracie made the cut, but didn’t place – but of all of the tt’s there, to make the cut is a real honor. a good friend, michael mcloughlin was standing ring-side and said that gracie looked great and that travis showed her to perfection! here are some pictures that mike took.

akc judge mr. joseph gregory walks over to look at gracie . . .


who then does an ‘out and back’ to show off her beautiful movement . . .











gracie standing at ‘attention’with a perfect ‘stack’ in front of judge gregory while he gives her a final look before she goes around the ring all by herself . . . gracie gives the judge a final look before she takes off.











travis and gracie at the very end when the judge makes his final pick.


silly judge, just don’t know how he didn’t give gracie best of breed – but must have been very hard picking just one out of all those truly beautiful tt’s. gracie so loves going to the shows and being with travis, just look at her concentration. hard to believe that this is the same little girl who lives here and practices ‘selective hearing’.

hope travis, gracie and the other three tt’s get a good night’s sleep (they all deserve it after such a busy day) . . . another show tomorrow in wilmington, delaware – only 75 tt’s entered this time for the mid-atlantic tibetan terrier club regional specialty! fingers crossed.


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