no rest for the wreary

apparently fully recovered from the hectic time at the national dog show, it was up early and off to the town’s combined rabies vaccination clinic and kennel registration with the help of mitchell who managed molly while i had charge of gracie – who wouldn’t walk along side of me (don’t know how travis gets her to behave like a lady in the ring!)

we had a fun ride there in my little prius with everyone in the back seat. fortunately we only had to drive about 4 minutes to get to town hall.






first order of business – rabies vaccine. gracie tried to hide when dr. holman gave her the shot.


then we went to get our kennel license. gracie, being gracie, had to inspect assistant town clerk, laurie’s paperwork!


everything taken care of molly and gracie and everyone else went to play in their ‘play yards’.


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